About us


is a public company, acting in the business services field and operating its own real estate.

Main activity

Renting offices, conference halls, business meetings and trade missions’ organization. The Company offers a number of services for the modern business society.


The Company aims at providing high quality of the services, meeting the standards of the World Trade Centers Association as well as the requirements of the local branch organizations, to which the Company is a member.

Social Commitment

INTERPRED-WTC Sofia JSC, cooperates with orphans’ foundations, environmental organizations and groups, working to improve the landscape in the vicinity of the center. It supports cultural, sports and conference events, related to the public and the national and international business.


The Company strives to satisfy its clients' requirements through continuous modernization of the building’s maintenance and control systems. Through its activity INTERPRED will continue to improve the business services.



INTERPRED company was established in April 1969 as a state-owned enterprise with exclusive rigths of representation and commercial agency of foreign companies in Bulgaria. Representation and commercial agency of foreign companies was accomplished through specialized associated bureaus which carried out their work as foreign trade agencies until 1998.

Gradually the number of foreign companies represented by INTERPRED grew and in 1988 they amounted to 1029, including leading companies from Western Europe, USA and Canada.